Nurture Your Nature Program

Nature is a mirror of the cycles in our own lives because we are apart of the natural world, no matter how often we forget. Over the course of four weeks reconnect with the cycles and season of nature and your own life through movement, lifestyle, dietary practices that allow you to thrive in any season of your life

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Herbal Smoking Blends

These proprietary smoking alternatives are intended to peak your interest in plant medicine - beyond the cannabis plant. Handcrafted, proprietary herbal smoking blends free of tobacco, cannabis. Available loose and prerolled*

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  • "I really appreciate you sharing this insight. This time of year can be really hard for me. It can feel confusing to be in this weird in between season. I needed to hear this"

  • "Your herbal prerolls have been life saving lately. Especially tonight! I had such a depressive low and they truly gave my brain the lightness and relief they needed. Thank you for making such quality product!"

  • That breathing exercise felt really good. It was so soothing and now I do it all the time"

  • "I'm obsessed with this Flower Child tea and smoking blend"

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