Otherworld Wellness provides seasonally-focused wellness offerings that emphasize balancing the nervous system as a baseline for optimal health. Offerings include small-batch proprietary herbal tea blends, tinctures and botanical smoking alternatives as well as seasonal workshops, private consultations and events.

Otherworld Wellness was founded by Cayla Sweeney in late 2020 after years of diverse work as an applied anthropologist, herbalist, and E-RYT yoga educator. Searching for alternatives to conventional medicine while on her own healing journey led her to the practice of yoga and the study of Ayurveda, which was immensely transformative. Yoga expressed all things she felt but could not articulate and more - that the mind, body and spirit are directly and intimately connected, that by observing nature we understand our own place in existence, and that life is a living prayer and devotion.

Cayla believes that nature is a mirror of the cycles in our own lives, and that the power of nature connection, movement, breath work, plant medicine and mindfulness practices to heal - not just ourselves - but our surrounding community by embodying compassion, balance, connection and love. She integrates these practices into personalized wellness coaching programs, private herbal and yoga consultations, events and lectures as well as seasonal workshops.

The name Otherworld Wellness is a nod to her ancestral heritage and love of folklore. In Celtic lore, the Otherworld has important significance and a variety of interpretations, but is widely thought to be a place of ancestors and spirits. Plant medicine, seasonal rituals and nature connection, even breathwork, are ancient practices that are apart of the ancestral knowledge of the human species, and by uplifting these gifts, alongside the marvels of modern science, we can live a life more otherworldly.

She is honored to have created this space, whose goal is to empower others to heal by integrating not only mind, body and spirit, but also their natural surroundings and community as essential aspects of a healthy life. Cayla looks forward to working with you personally, and invites you to reach out with questions via the contact form or email.

Service is an integral part of this business, if you are unable to afford a class or product, please reach out for a select number of sliding scale options that are available each year, with the goal of expanding this offering as business grows. This business would not be possible without you, thank you for supporting a dream!