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Dream Weaver Herbal Tincture

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Dream Weaver Tincture is made with nervines and adaptogens believed to support the nervous system. It may help to reduce anxiety, circular thoughts, and to gently soothe muscles, aiding relaxation and sleep. It is a cousin to the Dream Weaver Smoking Blend with slightly different medicinal properties designed to allow for maximum absorption into the body.


Ingredients: Skullcap, Passionflower, Tulsi

Suggested uses: Relaxation- 5-10 drops per 4 oz glass of water as needed throughout day. Sleep- 1/2-2 full droppers (1-2ml) 30 minutes before bed, increase dosage by 1/2 dropper as needed, max 3x per day. Take with water if desired.


Consult your physician before taking herbal remedies.

(dried plant: 60-75% alcohol)

1oz dropper bottle