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Integrative Wellness Consultation

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Integrative Wellness Consultations provide an introduction to movement, meditation, herbs and lifestyle practices that are suited to your unique health goals and needs. We will discuss your goals and target a select number practices and lifestyle shifts that may support your journey.

If you are interested in a deep wellness coaching experience in which you are guided through poses, meditations, lifestyle practices and remedies specific to your needs, consider the 4 week Nurture Your Nature Wellness Coaching Program

What's my approach?

Wellness is not one size fits all. Every body, mind and spirit is a bit different and requires different, mixed-methods tools suited to each person. Not every yoga pose, breathing exercise or herb is right for every person, regardless of allergies. I take a less is more approach, and focus on meeting you where you're at, to identify tools that will not only work for you, but that you will actual use.

What topics do I cover?

I specialize in anxiety/stress, trauma and PTSD management, women's issues, lifestyle organizational skills, sleep support, seasonal optimal health and well being. I can also help with minor issues regarding: pain management, allergy relief, skin issues, weight management

Are herbal remedies included?

Herbal remedies from the shop are not included in the cost of consultations. However, clients receive a one time coupon for 15% off products following their first consultation.

Do I make custom herbal remedies?

Yes. During your consultation, I may suggest an herb, a product from the shop or a custom blend of herbs from my apothecary. Custom blends are only available through consultations and prices vary depending on ingredients and what it is (tea, tincture, etc.)

Can I replace your MD?

No. I am a clinical herbalist, not an MD, or a naturopathic doctor. Legally, I cannot diagnose diseases and any statements or suggestions made do not count as medical advice. Please read the policies and disclaimers section of the website to learn more 

How do I sign up?

Consultation take place on Zoom. Upon purchase, you will be emailed scheduling link, health waiver and Intake form. All consultations are confidential. No call/no shows will be charged for the session. You may reschedule with 48 hours notice.